Flurry Volunteer Form

For assistance, please email volunteer@flurryfestival.org or call (518) 441-3667


PLEASE NOTE: One application per person.
If you are signing up with a friend, each person needs to fill out their own application.

Your first name and last name will be printed on your volunteer name tag exactly as you enter it in this form.

We appreciate your interest and support for the Flurry Festival. Volunteers will be granted free admission to the Festival in exchange for hours worked.

Work before or after the Festival requires 8 hours of volunteer service time.

During Festival volunteer work requires 6 hours of volunteer service time.

First Name
Last Name
Home or Preferred Phone Before the Flurry
May we call you at the Flurry? Are you willing to be "on-call" at the festival, if we need replacements due to cancellations? (Your ticket cost will be refunded.)
Cell Phone at the Flurry

Zip or Postal Code

(Enter time below)
Earliest available on Friday
Earliest available on Saturday
Latest available on Sunday

Setup/Cleanup or Flooring volunteers:

Setup/Cleanup needs help Thursday morning (day before festival) and Monday morning (day after festival) around 9 am for U-Haul truck activities.

Flooring needs help Thursday evening (day before festival) around 7 pm for flooring transfer and installation.

Are you available at any of these times?
Setup/Cleanup Thursday 9 AM
Flooring Thursday 7 PM
Setup/Cleanup Monday 9 AM

Please select your first choice and second choice from the lists below.
First Choice
Second Choice

Age if less than 18 years old
Have a Truck? We need a couple of volunteers to move equipment, please indicate if you have a truck and are able to use it for moving equipment.
Skills relevant to crew preference. (Please keep short.)

Please observe the following guidelines as a volunteer:
  • Remember that you are an ambassador of the Flurry.
  • Do not dance while on duty (we need you at your station).
  • Know your schedule and show up on time. (Contact crew chief immediately if unable to work.)
  • Be flexible regarding work schedule assignments.
  • Be on time for your work assignments. If you cannot fulfill your scheduled times, you MUST contact your crew chief as soon as you are aware of the situation.
  • Work your full shift, and all scheduled shifts. If you pick up your volunteer ticket (wristband), but do not work your scheduled times, you will be asked to pay for your ticket.
By applying as a volunteer, you are agreeing to follow the above guidelines.